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About Pumping Systems


Industry background

Over the years, different pump manufacturers have found their individual specialty areas in the industry, sticking with what they know best. Each manufacturer developed a specific style and type of pump to accomplish a particular application, with competitors producing similar products with a slightly different twist. Gradually, some manufacturers began producing pumps similar to those of their competitors, in some cases actually buying out the competition.


Choosing the right pump

In today’s market, there is significant overlap as a result of the presence of so many different pumps covering a few individual markets. While more than one pump may be suitable to perform a particular job, there are certain criteria you can look for to identify the best solution for your needs. Keep in mind that simply talking to different pump manufacturers will not necessarily lead you to the right solution. In making a decision, it is important to look at the entire package, including the system requirements.


Pumping system components

Understanding the various components of a pumping system will help you better identify the best solution for you. At the heart of the system is the pump with valves, controls, piping, enclosures and tanks surrounding it.


Packaged pumping systems

Some pump manufacturers may be unable to effectively identify an appropriate pump to meet your needs. A company that provides packaged pumping systems can help determine the precise fit of the entire pumping system, taking responsibility for its proper operation. Contact Poco Pump & Blower today at 604-942-8100 for expert advice on selecting the best pump for you!

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